Thursday, 11 August 2016


Kia ora whānau,

Our first competition of the year is only two weeks away and we need to make every moment with their tutors count.

Tetuhi is employed to spend 1.5 hours per week with our very fortunate students and that is it.  Any other time he spends with them such as the two weekend wananga, is for love.  We were very surprised to see so many of our boys missing from rehearsal this afternoon with no warning whatsoever from any of our whānau.

The boys were supposed to be working with Tetuhi this afternoon on their rakau and haka but he was unable to do this as he was left with 6 boys from the squad.

A quick email a few days before would certainly go along way when it comes to the planning of the rehearsal at such a crucial time.  

Thank you whānau.

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