Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Kua Rongo Mai Koe - Actions and Lyrics

Kua rongo mai koe i te reo pohiri

E karanga ake nei e

E karanga ake ana i te ao whanui

Piki mai kake mai ra

No wai te reo, no wai te mana

E karanga ake nei e

Ko te reo mananui, ko te mana rongonui

O Nga Taiohi e


  1. Hi,
    We were looking for the lyrics to Kua rongo mai koe and we found your blog. Thanks for putting them up so we can copy them to use in our class.
    We can teach ourselves the waiata ringa-ringa from your video. It will be great to watch it as many times as we want to while we are learning.
    We might make one of our own and put it on our blog.

    Room 3
    Nayland Primary School

  2. No problem. It's important to share the love!

  3. What do the movements mean? I have seen several different versions online and want to teach it to my college choir and have all the facts behind the actions and their meaning. Thanks!

  4. It's been so many years since i sung this in primary. Id forgotten it for so long and then as i was trying to sleep, BOOM the words an tune came back to me!!